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  • Using Maven with Socks Proxy

    For bypassing using socks proxy use following command : mvn install -DproxySet=true -Dsocks.proxyHost=YOU_SOCKS_PROXY_ADDRESS -Dsocks.proxyPort=SOCKS_PROXY_PORT This command works in Linux and Windows Happy coding. Seyed Vahid HashemiMy chief interest is software engineering, mainly dealing with Linux and Java projects, but also interested in teaching what I’ve¬†learned, have published a couple of CBTs about programming in Persian […]

  • How to Create JWT Token Using LDAP and Spring Boot Part 1

    If you are working in an enterprise infrastructures, chances are that you are using a centralized authentication system, most likely Active Directory or openLDAP. In this blog I’ll explore how to create a REST API using spring boot to authenticate against openLDAP and create a JWT token in return. Before getting our hand dirty, we […]

  • How to Authenticate Against openLDAP Without Knowing DN Using java

    In fact you can’t do it without knowing DN! There is an anonymous access in openLDAP which is enabled by default. The anonymous access let one to query(search filter) openLDAP without knowing bind username/password. Run following command on your openLDAP server : ldapwhoami -H ldap:// -x If you get “anonymous” as result you are all […]

  • How to use CompletableFuture in SpringBoot 2

    In Spring Boot there is an annotation @Async to assist developers for developing concurrent applications. But using this feature is quite tricky. In this blog we will see how to use this feature along with CompletableFuture. I assumed you know the drill about CompletableFuture, so I won’t repeat the concept here. First of all you […]

  • How to install maven on Ubuntu manually with any specific version

    For installing Maven on Ubuntu you have two ways¬† the easy way and the manual method. The easy way is just execute following command : sudo apt-get install maven Or if you use Ubuntu 16+ you can use following command too : sudo apt install maven Just remember you need to have root privileges. The […]

  • How to install JDK on Ubuntu

    Installing Java JDK is easy and straightforward in Windows and OSX but not in Ubuntu. Here is how I am installing JDK on Ubuntu. Download the latest JDK package from Oracle website. If you don’t know which file to choose you ought to select .tar.gz files whether 32bit or 64bit depends on your requirements. after […]